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Pilates Instructor Teacher Training Program​​

Active Treatment Academy was founded in 2018 with a vision to provide comprehensive Pilates teacher training programs and rehabilitation courses. The academy quickly established itself as a reputable institution in the fitness and rehabilitation industry, offering high-quality education and training opportunities.


One of the main highlights of the academy is its Pilates teacher training program, which has been approved by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). This rigorous program spans 500 hours and encompasses various components, including an online anatomy course, in-person live courses focusing on different Pilates apparatus (such as MAT, REFORMER, CHAIR, CADILLAC, BARREL, SPINE CORRECTOR), teaching mentoring, and practical teaching experiences.


In addition to the teacher training program, Active Treatment Academy offers a range of rehabilitation courses. These specialized courses cater to professionals seeking to enhance their skills in areas such as neck and shoulder pain management, pelvic girdle rehabilitation, and more. The academy's commitment to providing continuing education opportunities extends to various organizations, including Osteopath and Registered Massage Schools in Ontario, Canada, as well as fitness education organization Canfitpro.


Active Treatment Academy has also earned recognition for its collaboration with professional athletic teams. The academy offers high-level rehab courses tailored to the needs of teams like the Canadian National Women Fencing Team, Ontario Artistic Swimming Team, and Professional Hockey Team (North York Rangers). This partnership with elite athletes and sports organizations showcases the academy's expertise in sports rehabilitation and performance enhancement.


The driving force behind Active Treatment Academy is its founder, Bin Mou. Bin is a registered Osteopath and Registered Exercise Therapist in Canada, with certifications in various modalities such as Fascial Stretch Therapy, FRC (Functional Range System), Anatomy Trains, FMS (Functional Movement System), AMA (Athletic Movement Assessment), GYROTONIC ®, and GYROKINESIS ®. Bin's diverse expertise and passion for holistic health and movement form the foundation of the academy's philosophy.

*Bilingual teaching: English & Chinese. Textbook in English

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